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If Life is the Train, Kindness is at Every Station

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“This is the train to Coney Island,” I answered in a polite but firm voice, wondering if I should switch to a different car when the train pulled into the next stop.   He nervously swayed back and forth, looking confused … Continue reading

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Spring Eternal and the Creative Feminine

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Closing the door behind me, I inhaled the fragrant air that the light breeze carried up the cast iron spiral staircase from the window below.  It was a curious concoction of fresh brewed coffee, Arabian musk, and strawberry scented floor … Continue reading

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Music and the Road to Greater Health

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The transformative power of music, how it makes us feel both the beauty and the pain of our humanity, is without question.  Whether we are driving on an open road with the top down and America’s Ventura Highway on the … Continue reading

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Poppies and the Accidental Artist

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I’ve always had a romanticized connection with poppies.  They seemed to appear frequently throughout my life, so I accepted them as a sort of totem, and collected images whenever I had the opportunity. Maybe it was because Dorothy and friends … Continue reading

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Chasing Rainbows and Other Wonders of Color Healing

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Rainbows have fascinated me since I was a child.  My first memory probably dates back to the classic movie The Wizard of Oz and hearing Judy Garland’s angelic voice singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  My eyes would be fixed on … Continue reading

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Flower Power and the Essence of Yarrow

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Most people love flowers.  They adorn our gardens, are given as tokens of love, signal the beginning of spring, and remind us that what is sown is eventually reaped, that light always follows the dark, and that the universe has … Continue reading

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Buying Organic (What You Need to Know)

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The organic food movement keeps on growing, in spite of the economic recession.  According to the 2009 Organic Industry Survey conducted by the Organic Trade Association, market penetration of organic products has nearly doubled in the past five years, with … Continue reading

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Energy Medicine and the ‘New Frontier’

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Chakras represent the seven electrical energy wheels (chakra means wheel or vortex of energy in Sanskrit) that the body is comprised of, in addition to our physical selves comprised of tissues, organs, and cells.  This preedominately immeasurable component that is … Continue reading

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At-Home Spa: French Green Clay Mask

I remember at some point years ago, imagining how great it would be to treat myself to a facial at a nice spa.  Sitting in a dimly lit lounge eating papaya slices and wearing a plush Turkish robe and slippers, I … Continue reading

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Basics on Greening Your Home

Home.  The word ideally should bring up images of a sanctuary, a “place where I belong,” as musical group Daughtry puts it, but unfortunately, the toxins that exist inside our castles big and small often are greater than the environmental … Continue reading

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